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Meet The C List For The AA Home Run Derby!

Posted on: April 4, 2009 5:01 pm


You may think the C List includes players that are average Home Run hitters. That may be true, but the majority of this list includes players that had down years, have bright futures & are ready to enter their prime years in the league. The letter C on the grading scale usually indicates mediocrity, but don't for a second take these players for granted because they will prove to be invaluable to your Home Run Derby team in 2009!

A & B List players are your catalysts for racking up your home run totals, but you will find that no players will be more valuable to your Home Run Derby team than your C & D list players because they are the ones that have to meet & exceed your expectations to bring home the All American Home Run Derby title!

On that note, Ladies & Gentleman, without further the C List Players for the 2009 All American Home Run Derby Contest! 


C List Player Bio's:


43) Edwin Incarnation, 3B Cincinnati Reds (6-2/230 Pounds): E2 had a breakout season with the “Little Red Machine” last season by hitting 26 Home Runs with the ball club. Incarnation’s bat has been known to fall asleep weeks at a time during the season, but he has a great chance of hitting 30 + home runs this season. He’s well protected in a lineup that includes Brandon Phillips, Joey Veto & Jay Bruce. Oh, I forgot to mention that he plays in the most hitter’s friendly ballpark in the National league.

2009 Home Run Projection: 32 Home Runs  


44) Nate McLouth, CF Pittsburgh Pirates (5-11/180 Pounds): McLouth made a name for himself early in the season for the Pirates in 2008 & ended up putting up some very respectable numbers across the board in 2008. McLouth hit 26 Home Runs in 2008, but I wouldn’t expect him to eclipse this number in 2009. He plays in a ball park that’s tough to hit home runs in and he’s too small to be a dependable home run threat all season long.

2009 Home Run Projection: 22 Home Runs  


45) Rick Ankiel, CF St. Louis Cardinals (6-1/210 Pounds): Look out for Ankiel to have a big season. This is a contract year for the former pitching phenom and he’ll be focused on putting together his best season in the bigs, so he can cash in on a major pay day in 2010. Ankiel busted out the whoop’n stick during his first full season as an everyday player with the Red Birds last season by hitting 25 long dongs. Ankiel has explosive power and can easily hit 35 Home Runs if he stays healthy.

2009 Home Run Projection: 34 Home Runs  


46) Adrian Beltre, 3B Seattle Mariners (6-0/222 Pounds): Let me ask you a question? Do you think A.B. was on steroids during the 2004 MLB season when he crushed 48 Home Runs with the Dodgers? This guy hasn’t hit more than 26 Home Runs since that season and I don’t expect him to hit much more than that in 2009.

2009 Home Run Projection: 25 Home Runs  


47) Mike Cameron, CF Milwaukee Brewers (6-2/205 Pounds): Cameron has averaged 23 Home Runs over his past three seasons in the league. He’s a streaky hitter that has a reputation for striking out way too much. He’s proven that he’s superman on defense by collecting three gold gloves during his career, but he’s Clark Kent with a bat in his hand.

2009 Home Run Projection: 23  Home Runs


48) Brad Hawpe, RF Colorado Rockies (6-3/210 Pounds): I keep waiting for Hawpe to breakout and join Major League Baseball’s fraternity of serious power threats. He’s well protected in the middle of Colorado’s lineup & plays in the thin air of Colorado’s Coors Field. He’s a very consistent and dependable hitter and I think 2009 will be Hawpe’s year that he will earn the team’s franchise players title. Hawpe has the ability to hit 30 to 35 Home Runs and that’s what I have him pegged for this season.

2009 Home Run Projection: 34 Home Runs  


49) Andy LaRoche, 3B Pittsburgh Pirates (6-3/205 Pounds): LaRoche is an exception hitter and has hit 20 + Home Runs 4 years in a row. The knock on LaRoche is that is usually takes him a couple of months to heat up before he starts knocking the ball around all over the diamond.   LaRoche has averaged 26 Home Runs a year over his past three seasons and possesses enough power to easily cross the 30 Home Run plateau.

2009 Home Run Projection: 32 Home Runs



50) Hunter Pence, RF Houston Astros (6-4/210 Pounds): With only 2 years of experience, Pence has exceeded all expectations that the Astros had of him. Pence hit 25 Home Runs with the Astros last season and plays in a lineup that is loaded with professional hitters that will allow him to constantly see plenty of quality pitches every time he steps in the batters box. Pence has all the makings of a future all star talent and I’m counting on H.P. to hit at least 30 Home Runs in 2009.

2009 Home Run Projection: 30 Home Runs  


51) Marcus Thames, LF Detroit Tigers (6-2/220 Pounds): Thames had a solid Home Run campaign with the Tigers by hitting 25 deep flies with the team in 2008. Thames will be able to get more hacks in 2009 with the recent release of Gary Sheffield this past week. Thames has explosive power, so expect his Home Run totals to increase significantly in 2009.

2009 Home Run Projection: 34 Home Runs  


52) J.J. Hardy, SS Milwaukee Brewers (6-2/190 Pounds): Hardy has been a monster this spring training by hitting .436 and 4 Homers on top of that. Hardy hit 24 Home Runs in 2008 and I see no reason why he can’t boost his power numbers in 2009. He shows a rare display of power at his position and there’s plenty of plate protection in the Brewers lineup that will allow Hardy’s power numbers to eclipse last season’s Home Run totals.

2009 Home Run Projection: 28 Home Runs  


53) Nick Swisher, CF New York Yankees (5-11/210 Pounds): Swisher signed with the Bombers this season because the White Sox released him after last year’s disappointing performance with the team. Swisher did hit a respectable 24 Home Runs with the White Sox in 2008, but his less than desired .214 batting average makes him a liability in any team’s lineup. Swisher has hit more than 24 Home Runs only once in his career and is one of the most overhyped players in the league. Consider Swisher a high risk/high reward player, but I prefer to label him more of a one hit wonder.

2009 Home Run Projection: 18 Home Runs  


54) Joey Votto, 1B Cincinnati Reds (6-3/235 Pounds): Votto was a nice, but much needed surprise story for the Reds last season. Votto pounded out 24 Home Runs while batting .292 in a 151 games with “The Little Red Machine” in 2008. Votto is a genetic specimen who hits lefties as good as righties & plays in one of the smallest stadiums in the league. If that isn’t a recipe for a 30 to 35 Home Run season, I don’t know what is!

2009 Home Run Projection: 32 Home Runs  


55) Jason Werth, RF Philadelphia Phillies (6-5/225 Pounds): Werth is the reason that Pat Burrell became expendable in Philly. Werth’s size makes him the second coming of Adam Dunn with the exception that he can actually play defense too. Werth quietly hit 24 Home Runs with the Phillies on only 134 games last season. He has 6 Home Runs this spring training and looks like he’s well on his way to being a special player. Oh, did you forget that he hits in a lineup that includes Home Run King Ryan Howard and super stud Chase Utley? Fuggedaboutit…this guy flirts with 40 Home Runs in 2009!   

2009 Home Run Projection: 37 Home Runs  


56) Raul Ibanez, LF Philadelphia Phillies (6-2/220 Pounds): Ibanez emerged as a solid power hitter for the Mariners in 2008. Ibanez is one of the most underrated players in the league. Ibanez has a lifetime .286 batting average & has hit 20 + Home Runs 4 years in a row. Ibanez’s contribution to the league finally went noticed when the Phillies snatched him off the free agent market this past off season. My only question is what can Ibanez do now that he’s batting in a lineup that’s loaded with professional hitters?

2009 Home Run Projection: 29 Home Runs  


57) Kevin Kouzmanoff, 3B San Diego Padres (6-1/215 Pounds): Special K Squared would be high on my recommendations list if he didn’t play in a ballpark that rivals a black hole. Despite the difficulties of clearing the fences in Petco Field, Kouz cleared the fences 23 times in 2008 & has the potential to improve on those totals in ‘09. One thing to keep in mind before taking Kouz is that he had off season shoulder surgery and you never know if that’s going to give him problems at some point during the season.

2009 Home Run Projection: 22 Home Runs  


58) Brian McCann, C Atlanta Braves (6-3/230 Pounds): Normally, I would stay away from adding a catcher to my Home Run Derby team because of the abuse they sustain during a 162 game season, but B. Mac is different. He’s young, powerful and is a disciplined hitter at the plate. McCann is a great hitter for a catcher, but I’d still proceed with caution before adding him to my Home Run Derby team.

2009 Home Run Projection: 23 Home Runs  


59) Melvin Mora, 3B Baltimore Orioles (5-11/205 Pounds): Doesn’t it seem like Mora has been in the league for years? Well he has…10 years to be exact. Mora hit 23 Home Runs in 2008 for the black birds & has hit 20 + Home Runs 3 out of his last 5 seasons. What was impressive about Mora last season is that he was “En Fuego” the second half of 2008 and poked out 12 Home Runs to close out the ’08 season. Still, Mora isn’t getting any younger and can’t be counted on for anything more than 22 Home Runs anymore.

2009 Home Run Projection: 21 Home Runs  


60) Justin Morneau, 1B Minnesota Twins (6-4/235 Pounds): When is last year’s Home Run Derby champ going to live up to his expectations. Morneau only hit 23 Home Runs in 2008, but hit 30 + Home Runs the two previous seasons before that. Morneau is a sensational hitter that plays in one of the most hitter friendly ballparks on the planet. No to mention, the addition of Joe Crede should give him the protection he needs to return to the 30 Home Run club & back to his ‘06 MVP form in 2009!

2009 Home Run Projection: 35 Home Runs  


61) Jhonny Peralta, 3B Cleveland Indians (6-1/195 Pounds): Peralta has now hit 20 + Home Runs back to back seasons and is poised to have his coming out party in 2009. Peralta is only 27 years old and his stats gave steadily improved across the board since his inception into the league. Peralta has been tearing the cover off the ball this spring training and I’m expecting him to do much of the same once the regular season starts.

2009 Home Run Projection: 28 Home Runs  


62) Luke Scott, LF Baltimore Orioles (6-0/210 Pounds): Scott hit 23 Home Runs in 145 games for the Orioles in 2008. Scott has the potential to hit 25 + Home runs a year, but his platoon status with the rest of the Orioles outfielders hurts his number of plate appearances. Scott punched out 5 dingers this spring training and looks like he may be one of the leagues biggest sleepers in 2009.

2009 Home Run Projection: 29



63) Geovany Soto, C Chicago Cubs (6-1/225 Pounds): Last year’s rookie of the year has more power than the rest of his peers at the catching position in the league. Soto has more power than Brian McCann and playing in the friendly confines will always be an asset to his Home Run totals every season. Soto has emerged as one of the best catchers in baseball and has a legitimate chance to join the 30 Home Run club this season because he bats in an order that includes Aramis Ramirez, Alfonso Soriano, Derrek Lee & Milton Bradley.

2009 Home Run Projection: 27 Home Runs  


64) Ty Wigginton, 3B Baltimore Orioles (6-0/205 Pounds): Wigginton hit an impressive 23 Home Runs in only 385 bats during his tour with the Astros in 2008. Wigginton has a frame that’s solid as a rock and has enough power to hit 30 + Home Runs if he gets a chance to play everyday. Wigginton his 22 + Home Runs three seasons in a row, so you can depend on him to hit a minimum of 20 Home Runs in 2009 if you’re looking for a safe addition to your Home Run Derby roster that has the ability to overachieve for you this season.

2009 Home Run Derby Projection: 28 Home Runs  


65) Milton Bradley, RF Chicago Cubs (6-0/225 Pounds): I wrote an article this year title Ball Park Home Run Statistics – 2008 Season that I declared Milton Bradley will underachieve with his new team in 2009. I want to retract that statement after I’ve seen what “Mad” Milton Bradley has done this spring training. Bradley constantly battled injuries while he was with the Rangers in 2008, but still managed to hit 21 Home Runs with the club. Bradley is one of the fiercest competitors the game has ever seen and will do everything he can to make sure his team wins! Bradley is known as one of the toughest outs in baseball & has the potential to hit 25 to 30 Home Runs is he can stay on the field at least 152 games for the Cubs this year.

2009 Home Run Projection: 28 Home Runs  


66) Curtis Granderson, CF Detroit Tigers (6-1/185 Pounds): Granderson was a late arrival to the team last season because of a hand injury he sustained. He still defied all odds and batted .302 with 21 Home Runs in only 141 games. Granderson has superstar ability, so be prepared for Curtis to have a big year in 2009, now that’s he’s fully recovered from that injury.

2009 Home Run Projection: 27 Home Runs  


67) Chipper Jones, 3B Atlanta Braves (6-4/215): Chipper started off the season like a bat out of hell in 2008 before his bad back forced him to sit out the remainder of the season. Still, the guaranteed first ballot hall of famer posted some MVP caliber numbers in 2008. Last year’s batting champion hit 22 Home Runs in 128 games with the Braves last season. When healthy, Chipper still has poke in his bat to hit 30 Home Runs a season. The problem is that C.J. has not played more than 137 games since 2004 and that lack of playing time will always have a negative impact on his overall batting stats.

2009 Home Run Projection: 25 Home Runs  


68) Chris Young, LF Arizona Diamondbacks (6-2/190 Pounds): Young has the potential to be considered one of the elite outfielders in the game. The problem with Chris is that his consistently bad batting average prevents him from doing so. Young has enough strength to hit 30 Home Runs every year, but his inability to lay off bad pitches and be more selective at the plate continues to inflate his strikeout totals year after year. Now 26, Chris has been in the league for three years now and has hopefully learned from his past mistakes that will allow him to join that elite class.

2009 Home Run Projection: 26 Home Runs  


69) Jay Bruce, RF Cincinnati Reds (6-3/235 Pounds): Bruce came up in mid season and was given the nickname Bruce Almighty because of what he did on the field in such a short time at the big league level. Bruce hit 21 Home Runs in only 108 games during his rookie tour of duty with the Reds last season. Bruce has the size and strength to be a perennial 35 + Home Runs a year player, but he needs to improve on last year’s .254 batting average to have a shot of doing so.

2009 Home Run Projection: 34 Home Runs  


70) Derrek Lee, 1B Chicago Cubs (6-6/235 Pounds): Lee has fallen off a cliff every year after his 2005 season where he blasted 46 Home Runs with the club. It seems like he’s lost his power stroke and can now only be considered an elite defensive player that can only clear the bases by hitting singles & doubles these days. Lee hasn’t hit more than 22 Home Runs since 2005 and I wouldn’t expect anything more from him moving forward as he enters the twilight of his career.

2009 Home Run Projection: 22 Home Runs


71) Nick Markakis, RF Baltimore Orioles (6-2/215 Pounds ): “Slick Nick” Markakis started out hotter than a $2.00 pistol last season, but his power numbers slowly faded away the second half of last season. Markakis is a fantasy all star because he can hit for average, drive in runs and steal bases, but may not have enough pop to bring you the All American Home Run Derby championship. He’s only averaged 21 Home Runs the last two season and his power numbers seem to fade as the season progresses. Mar kakis plays in a hitters friendly ballpark & always has the potential to break out of his shell and rub elbows with the 30 Home Run Club. He’s had a nice spring training at the plate, so this may finally be Nick’s year to say “Good Bye Mr. Rawlings” more often than usual.

2009 Home Run Projection: 28 Home Runs


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